Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Foundation Ceremony of Amaravati

Foundation Ceremony of Amaravati
As per the website http://www.amaravati.gov.in/Index.aspx  Amaravati Foundation Ceremony will be held on Oct 22nd as per the website it says the below

"The Foundation ceremony of Amaravati is to be held on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami, October 22, and marks a milestone in the development of Amaravati. The Foundation will be laid by Sri. Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, and the function will be presided over by Sri. Chandrababu Naidu, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The event marks a day of celebration for Andhra Pradesh, and all are cordially invited to join the event."

How to reach Amaravathi Foundation Ceremony Venue
Many officials has been invited and people too and given passes 
Route map for AA Passholders to reach Amaravathi Foundation Ceremony Venue
"AA & A Pass vehicle route to Amaravathi Foundation Ceremony Venue
From Hyderabad - Gollapudi bypass -ramvarapadu ring-Benz circle-kanaka durga varadhi- Undavalli center - Undavalli caves - Bheesmacharya road -venue

From Guntur - Mangalagiri ByPass - HP petrol pump - Undavalli center - Undavalli caves - Bheesmacharya road -venue

From Airport - Airport - Benz circle - kanaka durga varadhi H.P petrol pump - Undavalli center - Undavalli caves - Bheesmacharya road -venue

From Railway Station & Bus Stand -Kanaka durga varadhi H.P petrol pump - Undavalli center - Undavalli caves - Bheesmacharya road -venue

Click here for the pdf on amaravati.gov.in for routmap Amaravathi Foundation Ceremony Venue
Routemap for AAA Passholders Amaravathi Foundation Ceremony Venue

From Hyderabad - Gollapudi bypass -ramvarapadu ring-Benz circle-kanaka durga varadhi- Boating point - Karakatta Road -venue

From Guntur - Mangalagiri ByPass - HP petrol pump - Boating point - Karakatta Road -venue

From Airport - Airport - Benz circle - Kanaka durga varadhi H.P petrol pump -Boating point - Karakatta Road -venue

Amaravathi Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony
My Brick My Amaravathi
Amaravathi on Oct 22
Andhrapradesh new capital

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Amaravati my brick my amravati


Amaravati which is also refered as amareshwaram is a village in guntur district of Andhrapradesh it has a famous temple Amareswara temple dedicated to Lord Siva, one of the famous Pancharamas

Amaravati is the new capital of Andhra Pradesh and is a planned city It is located on the banks of Krishna River

As per the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act (2014), Hyderabad became the capital of Telangana, following the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. However, Hyderabad will remain the joint capital of both states for a period of ten years until development of the new capital is complete

My Brick - My Amaravati
Government of andhrapradesh started a compaign for crowdfunding the project to build the capital of andhrapradesh with the intention of increasing people's participation in the capital development process. The crowdfunding project uses a concept of selling e-bricks at the cost of 10 rupees/brick. A donor can choose the number of bricks, he wants to donate and use online payment to make the donation the donor's name along with their city & state are listed in the donors page once the donors payment is successfully processed

Amaravati History
The recorded history of Amaravati and nearby Dharanikota dates to 2nd century BCE. It was the capital of Satavahanas who ruled from 2nd century BCE to 3rd century CE. After the decline of Satavahanas, Andhra Ikshvakusand later Pallava kings ruled Krishna river valley. Subsequently, Eastern Chalukyas and Telugu Cholas held sway over the region. Kota Kings were in control of Amaravati during the medieval times. Kota kings were subdued by Kakatiyas in 11th century CE and Amaravati became part of the unified Telugu empire. The Skanda Purana gives a picture of the place and theSiva temple located here.
Holy relic sites map of Andhra Pradesh
Amaravathi Stupa relief at ChennaiMuseum, India
Amaravati was part of Delhi Sultanate, Musunuri Nayaks, Bahmani Sultanate, Vijayanagara Empire, Sultanate of Golconda and Mughal Empiresuccessively before the founding of the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1724. It was ceded to France in 1750 but was captured by England in 1759. Guntur returned to the Nizamate in 1768 but was ceded to England again in 1788. It was briefly occupied by Hyder Ali. It was part of Madras Presidency during the British colonial period.
Map of Amaravathi AndhraPradesh